About | Kuki Studios

Kuki Studios is the home base for Kuki, a multidisciplinary artist currently based outside Minneapolis, MN. 

How he got here is another story entirely. Born in rural Louisiana in 1980, Kuki has seen in one single lifetime more than a whole family might see in a generation. His work is a reflection of the long road taken, one marked by a mix of trauma and resilience, war and love, heartache and a forever battle between seeking retribution and seeking inner peace. 

Every piece is one small reflection on this multifaceted journey - from the swamps of the Deep South to the bright lights of Tokyo, the troubled sands of the Middle East to the coastal haunts of the United States. The oceans between us that bring us together and drift us apart. 

The Studio was born of that restless soul's search for peace and a little bit of levity. This no-bounds creative shop embodies Kuki's own unique spirit of adventure, resilience, and that lifelong yearning to feel something like home. 

His process is equal parts improv and creative therapy. Inspiration comes from every moment experienced and connection made, taking the good with the bad. Dark and light. The constant push on the boundaries of what is possible. 

In addition to the online gallery, the shoppable collection includes original hand-drawn artworks like the HTM Whale, short run wearble pieces, large format mixed media, and more. Each piece is a testament to the world we have discovered in our travels.

The Studio is a testament to the power of letting creativity be the ladder out of dark days. 

Join us on the journey.