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The following selected works offer a broad view of Kuki's capability, across mediums and subject areas. Each piece represents a point in time, not only in its own subject matter, but in Kuki's own life. Some works are award-winning, others are more personal and experimental. Together they encompass the breadth of Kuki's ever-evolving multidisciplined approach to healing through creating.

Since 2022


Multiple mediums

HTM.Whale was created somewhere in the blurry days that were the pandemic lockdown. The central character in an ever-expanding universe of strange worlds and wide open seas.

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Midnight Waterlilies

66 x 72"

Mixed Media on Canvas with hardwood frame, made by the artist

This deep blue meditation on beauty in darkness has served as the Kuki Studios' selfie wall since 2022. It was recently offered for public sale from The Studio's private collection.

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Atomic Tree (War Tree)

13.5 x 17"

Mixed Media on Canvas with hardwood frame, made by the artist

This reflection on the dark world we can sometimes create was a regional winner of the National Veteran Creative Art's Festival in 2019, it was lent to an exhibition at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis that fall. It has remained in The Studio's private collection since then. It is currently on offer in the studio Gallery.

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Weather the Storms

52" x 40"

Mixed Media on Canvas, Painted Hardwood Frame

Winner, 2019 National Veteran's Creative Festival. Exhibited again in 2022. Currently in the private collection at The Studio.

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Shinagawa Nights

48" x 24"

Transport yourself and your closest friends to the bright lights of Tokyo in the waning years of the 20th century, memories of a carefree adventure with friends and strangers just before the whole the world changed.

This mixed media on canvas piece was initially conceived in 2017, finished in 2024.